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Photo Gallery

Items in the Photo Gallery are pieces previously knit and sold and may be ordered as is or customized, allowing you to make your chosen item special and unique.  Feel free to contact me with special requests!

Baby Girl Jacket with Lace Collar

Baby Girls Jacket with Lace Collar

This jacket was initially designed for a one year old girl; then a second identical jacket was ordered and resized for a newborn sibling.

"Candy Bear" - Designed by Mary Jane's Tearoom


This delightful little bear was commissioned as a gift for a special little girl.  Candy was knit for the purposes of creating a unique gift.

Baby Boy Ripples Blanket

Baby Boy Ripples Blanket_edited.png

This beautiful blanket was commissioned and designed using blue tones and a gentle chevron wave pattern for an expected baby boy.

Gothic Arches Scarf


Inspired by Halloween and the start of the fall season, this scarf was designed with an orange tone and a beautiful arch pattern.

Cacti and Yucca Combination Planter

Cacti & Yucca Combination Planter_edited.jpg

Inspired by the Southwest, this piece was commissioned specifically to enhance the owner's home decor.

Southwest Style Shawl

Southwest Style Shawl_edited.jpg

Using contrasting colors, this shawl was inspired by Native American dress in the Southwest, creating a medium weight cover for cool evenings.

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