I am the sole owner of Maggie's Handmade Knits, LLC, based in Corrales, New Mexico, and specialize in unique and exclusive knit designs.  I have been knitting for over18 years and started my business five years ago.

All designs are carefully thought out, always keeping in mind originality and uniqueness, softness and comfort, quality and durability, ease in laundering and affordability.


I offer unique and original designs not only in the pattern stitches I use but with the yarn colors and combinations I choose to incorporate into each and every knit item.  My knit items are made with quality and in a price range which is affordable for almost any budget.

I guarantee my work and will work with the customer diligently and within the best of my abilities, depending on each individual circumstance.  This will take the form of refunds and returns, which policies are set out more specifically under Policies.